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Who we are

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Hermann United Methodist Church


Your friends and neighbors

Jesus people

This is what you should know about our church – it’s a place where you’ll be welcomed and loved. 


We're your friends and neighbors, loving God and loving others. It's what we do. Think of it as "Learning, Serving, and Connecting." 


The more you learn about God, the more joy you'll have. His love really does transforms lives.


The more you serve others, your happiness grows. It’s fun and rewarding and people will learn about Jesus through you. 


The more you connect with other Jesus people and with God, you'll get cheered and recharged. When we spend time together as a church family, love and encouragement abound.


So when you come here, you'll feel good. And the really beautiful thing? You’ll do a lot of good, too. So come visit and get to know us. 


God welcomes you here and so do we.


Dawn Gerard


Our local shepherd

Ever have a feeling that God is calling you to do something? Patiently nudging and encouraging you to serve Him in a particular way? If so, then you understand the call that God put upon Pastor Dawn’s heart.

She has been involved in church since a young age and assisting the pastor in worship was always her very favorite way to help. It was there that it felt right. It was what she was supposed to be doing. It was God gently calling her to ministry.

Life moved forward as it always does. There was college, a teaching career, marriage, and children. Yet all along, her faith continued to grow, and God continued to work in (and nudge) her life. He continued to call.

As God called, Dawn answered. She became the Director of Discipleship at her church where she enjoyed guiding people in their faith walks. Next came seminary and a Master of Divinity and Dawn is now Reverend Dawn. She answered God’s call and is on her journey of loving and shepherding her flock of God’s people.

Pastor's Assistant

Debbie Robbins

Pastor's Assistant

Our cheerful blessing

There are a thousand jobs that need doing around here and as our Pastor's assistant, Debbie finds herself in the center of many of them. 


She seems to know almost everything and for the rest, she finds the answers. Looking for something that’s disappeared?  Need something by yesterday? Have an out-of-left-field question like where’s the chili recipe for 100? She is a ready-to-help answer machine of unending cheerfulness. 


And just in case she doesn’t stay busy enough with us, you’ll find her working all over town, volunteering her time and talents at the local schools, and spreading cheerful blessings wherever she goes.


Do you want a cheerful blessing like Debbie? Somebody with an unrelenting work ethic and a willingness to serve? If it were possible, we’d be glad to clone Debbie for you. You could have the clone; but we’re keeping our treasured original.

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