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Be a part of it.

Know God - Find Hope

Discover pearls of wisdom that will enrich your life, build your faith, and bring you closer to God. 

​Start by attending a Sunday morning service.  You’ll grow spiritually from hearing the preaching and teaching of God’s word.  You'll learn about Jesus, what he did, and what he taught. 

​Attend a Bible study or a youth/adult group.  You'll learn about God, the love he has given you in Jesus Christ, and how that love transforms your life.

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Find Purpose - Do Good

You’ll make a valuable difference in your local community, plus it’s fun and rewarding. 

Come help with the Community Meals, Local Food Pantry, Nursing Homes, Spaghetti Supper, Live Nativity, Giving Room, Festival Fundraisers, and more. 

Whether you enjoy planning, working, building, singing, teaching, washing, plumbing, praying, giving, or simply spreading good cheer, you can put your talents to work here for God.

Enjoy Community - Feel Good

You’ll enjoy meeting people and making new friends at small gatherings—like Game Night, Chili Cook-off, Bible Studies, Choir, Prayer Group, and Youth Group.

Everyone loves encouragement and support.  That’s what friends are for and that’s what we do here. 

​Whether we’re eating, cooking, serving, learning, gathering for worship, singing, or praying—we are there for each other.  It’s about connecting with each other and connecting with God.

Learn more by attending a Sunday morning service,
or join us live online.

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